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Israel Stol

Following a thirty-six-year career as a welding engineer, I started welding sculptures as a creative outlet which combines my deep passion for the discipline with a lifelong appreciation of the creative process in arts, science and technology.


My adopted home of Pittsbugh, PA is also a major influence. Its long tradition of steelmaking and metalworking, its vibrant multi-ethnic and diverse cultures, and its artistic community are complemented by world class art, science and technology educational institutions. These local assets have inspired me to channel my creativity into this particular form. On a practical level, producing sculptures is a multidisciplinary affair requiring the use of several processes and techniques (e.g. welding, cutting, bending, etc.), and living in Pittsburgh affords access to these different resources.   


I produce metal sculptures of different themes, sizes and complexity. For commissioned work, I find out through interview(s) the client's goal(s) and preferences, intended meaning, the planned location (e.g., indoor versus outdoor) of the sculpture and the traffic pattern through or around it, the surrounding environment (e.g., buildings, trees, etc.) and how the sculpture will fit proportionally (e.g. size relative to the area of placement, adjacent objects, etc.), thematically, and aesthetically in this location. My sculptures can be produced from various steels, stainless steels, aluminum and bronze alloys using Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW or MIG) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW, TIG) in conjunction with mechanical fastening (e.g. bolting) techniques. All are made of the highest quality materials and workmanship and are designed to last for a very long time. 


The completion time for each sculpture varies depending on its size and complexity (typically between two to four months), plus time for shipment and installation.

For more information, please browse my work and send us an inquiry on our contact form.

- Israel Stol

Thank you! 
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