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Lunch in the union mess-hall

Lunch in the union mess-hall

Conveys in a snapshot a lunchbreak in a traditional unionized American workplace with typical items that are routinely used by such workers. The piece displays:


  • A lunch box of the type that has been typically used by union workers all over the world.
  • A newspaper folded into the partially open lunchbox. The newspaper is an article about a 1956 union strike in a coal mine in Uniontown, PA
  • At the left front of the lunch box there is a partially opened box of chewing tobacco, which is commonly used by working people (e.g. union members) in the USA.
  • At the right front of the lunch box there is a pair of gloves casually thrown onto the top of each other, when work stops (e.g. lunch break or change of shift). The gloves were made of 3D printed stainless- steel powder.
  • The newspaper is made of a stainless-steel sheet with the newspaper article laser printed on it.
  • The chewing tobacco box was machined out of a stainless-steel rod and laser printed with the tobacco company's identification.
  • All the aforementioned parts are set on a stainless-steel plate that represents a floor or a table.




  • Wooden stained stand for indoors.
  • The sculpture is 21.75" wide, 14.4" high (tall) and 14.75" deep with its wooden base and weighs about 80lbs.
  • The sculpture is made of manually GTA (TIG) welded SS316 and assembled with the aid of SS bolts.
  • The sculpture is designed to be displayed indoors or outdoors. For placement outdoors the sculpture is provided with appropriate drainage and access to periodic leaf removal.
  • It can be easily lifted and transported to different locals.
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