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Music to my ears

Music to my ears

Represents the metaphor for hearing pleasant news and sounds




  • The musical notes and ear are made of 1/4” thick SS316, manually GMA (MIG) welded to the ¼” thick Carten steel plate, holding them in place and reinforced by SS316 load bearing studs.
  • To form the rust patina on the Corten steel stand, it was chemically oxidized by etching.  
  • The sculpture is 52" high, 48” wide and 17" deep and it weighs about 310 lbs. The dimensions of its wooden or marble base are 63”x28.5”x5.5”.
  • The base of the sculpture to which it is bolted is stained and clear coated lumber, which is firmly anchored to the ground.
  • The sculpture, which can be displayed either indoors or outdoors on a wooden or marble base, is designed to be disassembled from its base, transported and readily reassembled by bolting in place.
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