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"Vibes" stands for "Good Vibrations", which represent a good frame of mind such as "Good mood", "Peaceful & relaxed state of mind", "Good Karma" and "Feels groovy" from the sixties. I have chosen to convey this pleasant frame of mind by sculpting the ancient one-stringed Harp, whose pleasant & subtle notes afford the playing of gentle emotionally soothing music.




  • Besides its wooden or marble base, the sculpture is 53" high, 44" long and 19.5" wide (deep) and weighs about 300 lbs.
  • It is all made of SS304 that was manually GMA (MIG) and GTA (TIG) welded.
  • The Harp's string is also made of a ¼” diameter stranded SS304 cable, which is spring loaded (by a mechanism hidden within its body) that keeps it at a 40lbs constant tension.
  • The sculpture, which can be displayed indoors or outdoors on a wooden or marble base, is designed to be disassembled from its base transported and reassembled by bolting.
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