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The Crescendo

The Crescendo

Represents the cacophony of musical notes at the peak (Crescendo) of a riveting concert.




  • The sculpture is 53” high (tall), 24” wide and 0.25” thick SS304, into which the musical notes were laser beam cut into it. Note: Need to verify the dimensions!!!
  • It is sanded into a “scalloped” finish.
  • The Sol key is placed in front of its corresponding cut-out in the sculpture, to impart a subtle three-dimensionality to it. To achieve this effect the key was GMA welded to the flat portion of the sculpture.
  • The sculpture can be secured directly to the ground by two 1/4” thick, 2.5” wide SS304 bars welded to its bottom, placed on a metallic or marble base.
  • It can be displayed outdoors or indoors as a standalone or wall mounted sculpture. 
  • The sculpture is provided with easy instructions on how to install and secure it in place at its chosen location.
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